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Monday, August 24, 2009

04 Step dads show us what not to do.

Step dads often do everything wrong.  Our fairy tales are often about the wicked step mom.  In old Europe woman often died in childbirth, the average age of death for woman was 25.  So lots of children had step moms and they too often did everything wrong.  If fairy tales to day were to become classic it would be the Bully Step Dads.

When a step dad becomes part of the family he wants to protect his love, the mother of the children.  So he tell those unruly kids to stop and respect their mothers.  Now, that seems reasonable but the war begins.  Mother and child have a strong bond and mothers let kids get away with a lot.  She lets them do it in their style and then shapes their reactions, with emotional reasoning, to a more acceptable behavior.

Will, men are more military.  Respect your superior officers or go to the brink.  This is where the child feels cut off from his mother, his only life line.  He is a kid and can not just pack up and leave.  He will fight to the death to reunite with his mother.  He may do everything possible to protect their relationship by getting rid of the enemy.  The war is on.

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