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Sunday, August 23, 2009

05 Military versus Home

The military is the man's world, he world of testosterone.  King of the mountain, the biggest, strongest, fittest man wins.  Everyone respects that.  No room for soft emotions.  The military is about killing.

The home revolves around nurturing the weakest member, the small little one.  The baby rules, his needs must be meet or he can die.  A fair mother will raise all her children with equal opportunity to be all you can be.  The youngest needs her protection against the aggression of older children or adults.

This gives the mother the right to the final decisions revolving around the children.  She has a stronger emotional bond for safety for her and the children.  If they are happy she is happy.  If they are not she is in distress.  Family styles that are military lead to war, war from the kids and from their mother.  A mother can be a single dad.  He will act very similar.

Dad's role is to protect everyone.  He needs to put the mother feelings first or he is taking the kids from her.  If he listens to her the kids will be happy, she will be happy, and he will be respected and listened to.  If not the problem lies else where.  Perhaps he is not respectful enough.  Perhaps his views of what needs to be done is still interfering with the sense of safety needed by mother and child.

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